Academic Asia was founded in 1980. With 30 years’ consultancy experience resulting in many thousands of student placements in UK schools and colleges, Academic Asia has developed into the largest and most comprehensive UK boarding schools and colleges consultancy in Hong Kong. In 2010, we sent more than 900 students to the UK to continue their education.

The success of Academic Asia lies in the professionalism and enthusiasm of our staff. All our consultants were educated in the UK and are committed to providing “the best advice for the best education”, which is our company motto. Annual school visits keep us up-to-date with school developments, and this, together with the first-hand experience of our consultants, will help students to make the right school choices.

We have recently expanded our office, further along the corridor to the present address. Each consultant has her own workstation so that high privacy can be maintained during consultation. We have an examination room with a maximum capacity of 40 students and an interview room for school representatives to meet students and parents.


Our service is free of charge. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your educational needs, we do care about you and your children!

Consultation & Initial Screening

Academic Asia offers free consultation and initial screening service to parents and students. We provide quality services to give parents the best chance of choosing the right school for their child.


What is the Procedure?

 1.         For a screening test appointment, please

            call the Academic Asia office on

            2833-0919, or you may complete our 

            Student Enquiry Form via the Contact Us

            page and we shall contact you

            again shortly. Advance booking for the

            screening test is recommended as our

            examination centre is often full during busy


2.         Parent and child come to Academic Asia’s

            office in Causeway Bay for their

            appointment, bringing  2 years’ school

            reports, music/sport etc certificates and a

            brief CV. Child takes a short written

            screening test in Maths and English, and

            has a short conversation with the

            consultant, in English, to give some idea of

            his/her level of spoken English.


Entrance Exams and Interviews

Once students have registered with their selected schools, students are normally required to sit for the entrance examinations. We are very pleased to invigilate the entrance examinations for schools and most of the entrance examinations will be held in the Academic Asia Examination Centre.


Some schools require face to face interview and we are happy to make interview arrangements for UK schools at Academic Asia’s Office on request.  In addition, video interviews, video conferencing and telephone interviews can also be arranged if necessary.




Every student studying in a UK boarding school is required, both by the school and by British law, to have a guardian. The role of the guardian is to act in place of the parent in all matters.  These might include sudden illness or accident, a discipline problem in school, transfers to and from the airport if the school does not provide them, arrangements for homestay for exeats and half term breaks.


Some parents have relatives or friends living quite near the chosen school, who are willing to undertake this role. If you have difficulty in locating a UK guardian,a guardianship agency can offer assistance in making arrangements for your child.  The guardianship agency you choose should be officially checked and accredited by one of the two professional organisations who offer accreditation.


If you use an agency, it is the Directors of that agency who are the official guardians of the child, not the home-stay family.  In practice, however, it is nearly always the homestay family who form a close relationship with the student and help out with problems.


Academic Asia has a long-standing arrangement with White House Guardianships, an accredited member of The Association of Guardianship Services and The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students. For further information about their services, please contact us.


Pre-departure Seminar

An important feature of our service is our Pre-Departure Seminar which is arranged especially for Academic Asia students who are going to study in the UK in the coming September. This seminar covers all the information needed by students studying in the UK. A guest speaker is also invited to share his/her experience of UK school life with parents and students.

Flights & Travel

Special fares for Academic Asia students and parents
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