UK Schools Presentation and Interview Week Event

為您的孩子選擇合適的學校是您人生中做出的最重要的決定之一。除了希望他們在學業上能充分發揮潛力,同時也希望他們在一個快樂的環境中成長,並得到全人發展的機會。Academic Asia 建議家長和學生在尋找學校時,應多花時間了解及謹慎研究各學校的詳細資料,才決定報讀或選擇入讀那所學校。古有孟母三遷的故事,現代的父母在資訊氾濫的時代,更花多眼亂,不知從何入手。在這尋尋覓覓的過程中,Academic Asia會竭盡所能協助家長及學生做出正確的決定。

由於疫情反覆,我們決定暫不安排實體博覧會, 然而,疫情教導我們因時制宜,最重要是確保家長、學生及同事們在安全環境下進行有效的諮詢及申請。本中心安排了英國寄宿學校介紹及面試周,好讓家長及學生在從容不逼下多了解學校,才決定申請。選擇學校從來不應是走馬看花,羊群心理,本中心的升學顧問會以最專業,中肯,持平的態度為家長及學生找到最適合的學校。

Choosing the right school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Of course, you want them to reach their full potential academically but you also want them to be in an environment where they will be happy and develop as a whole person. At Academic Asia, we encourage our parents and students to take their time when making their decision about which is the right school for them. Families should be cautious and research the schools that are of interest and we try to help families make the right decisions before making any applications and accepting any offers of places that are made by the schools.

During these difficult times of restrictions because of COVID, it is not possible for us to organise our regular Educational Expos and welcome UK school representatives to Hong Kong. In order to continue to try and offer the best possible advice to our families, we are hosting a School Presentations and Interview Week Event. You will be able to watch the school presentations and then take time to consider which schools you think might be suitable before having to make any decisions regarding applications at this stage in the school year. You are most welcome to discuss any concerns with our consultants who are always available to help you. Many of the UK schools are accepting applications and there is still time before the published deadlines so we strongly advise families not to feel pressured into making early decisions and we would much prefer that families have a full understanding of the whole process before making an application.

Academic Asia Screening Test: 25 Sep & 2 Oct 2021
Interview Week: 11 – 15 Oct 2021


School Application Procedures:
1. Complete the Academic Asia Screening Test
2. Schools Presentation Videos open to Families
3. Decide on the list of schools to apply for
4. Academic Asia will make the arrangement for applicants to attend the virtual Interview with the schools.
5. Special Discount Application Period

Participating Schools:
(There will be more schools participating)

School Name Type of school Website  
Ardingly College
Bedford School
Berkhamsted School
Cardiff Sixth Form College
Cheltenham College
Christ's Hospital
City of London Freemen's School
Kingswood School
Royal High School Bath, GDST
Royal Russell School
Stephen Perse Foundation
Taunton School
Whitgift School