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Academic Asia boasts an exceptional track record of placements in the top boarding schools across the UK. These accomplishments are a testament to our strong partnerships with esteemed schools and the unwavering dedication and expertise of the Academic Asia team.

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We are the authorised sole agents for a collection of UK Independent Schools.

Students studying in schools in Hong Kong should contact Academic Asia for an application, we look forward to guiding you through the application process.

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Our services extend beyond boarding school placement in the UK, providing an all-encompassing experience for families considering a UK education pathway for their child.

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At Academic Asia, our mission is crystal clear: to provide the most impartial, insightful, and personalised advice, enabling individuals to transcend their existing limitations and embark upon transformative educational endeavours.


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Academic Asia stands as one of the largest and most comprehensive education agencies in Asia for families seeking entry to UK schools. Partnered with over 300 schools, we are backed by the country’s top boarding schools and educational institutions.

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Our one-on-one consultation services, including the Academic Asia Screening Test are free of charge. Parents do not need to pay any service fees.

The Academic Asia Screening Test is a quick assessment test unique to Academic Asia. It includes English, Math, and oral interviews, and follows the UK curriculum. Students can take the written test and oral interview at the AA office. Once the tests are completed, our team will assess and grade them. We will then discuss the results with the parents so they can understand their children's level better. This service is completely free of charge.

While important to note, league tables alone do not provide conclusive evidence of students' progress or the quality of teaching. For instance, a school ranking lower in the tables may have stronger teaching quality despite initially having academically weaker students. It is essential to consider other equally, if not more significant factors, such as the super curriculum encompassing enrichment opportunities, fostering independence and further study, clubs and societies that enhance subjects' understanding and exam performance, as well as the broader curriculum, pupil discipline, and academic focus.


Academic Asia stands as the foremost and highly esteemed consultancy group in Hong Kong and the UK, boasting over 43 years of experience. Each consultant possesses extensive professional experience, school knowledge and conducts annual visits to our partner schools in the UK, meeting with  staff and students. 

Our consultants nurture strong relationships with over 300 partner schools, ensuring swift and efficient service while addressing all inquiries. Additionally, we maintain resident staff in the UK and boast a broad network of current students and an extensive alumni base.