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About Academic Asia

Our one-on-one consultation services, including the Academic Asia Screening Test are free of charge. Parents do not need to pay any service fees.

The Academic Asia Screening Test is a quick assessment test unique to Academic Asia. It includes English, Math, and oral interviews, and follows the UK curriculum. Students can take the written test and oral interview at the AA office. Once the tests are completed, our team will assess and grade them. We will then discuss the results with the parents so they can understand their children's level better. This service is completely free of charge.

If parents need assistance to apply for a Visa, proctor exams, or to arrange school visits, the professional and experienced team at Academic Asia can help. Academic Asia aims to reduce the difficulties that parents and students encounter when securing places to study abroad. 

Please contact the Academic Asia office for further details of these services on

The process of applying to a UK school basically involves several stages: 
School Selection > School Application > School Assessments > Results received from the school > Preparation for departure.

Click here for more details about the application process.

Academic Asia stands as the foremost and highly esteemed consultancy group in Hong Kong and the UK, boasting over 43 years of experience. Each consultant possesses extensive professional experience, school knowledge and conducts annual visits to our partner schools in the UK, meeting with  staff and students. 

Our consultants nurture strong relationships with over 300 partner schools, ensuring swift and efficient service while addressing all inquiries. Additionally, we maintain resident staff in the UK and boast a broad network of current students and an extensive alumni base.

UK Education

While important to note, league tables alone do not provide conclusive evidence of students' progress or the quality of teaching. For instance, a school ranking lower in the tables may have stronger teaching quality despite initially having academically weaker students. It is essential to consider other equally, if not more significant factors, such as the super curriculum encompassing enrichment opportunities, fostering independence and further study, clubs and societies that enhance subjects' understanding and exam performance, as well as the broader curriculum, pupil discipline, and academic focus.


Every UK university ensures equal consideration for students studying both A-level and IBDP curriculum, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Many schools offer modern foreign languages "ab Initio," meaning they start from the beginning for students with no prior knowledge of the language. However, it's important for students to recognize that they will be joining an academic cohort where others have generally studied the language before. Parents may consider arranging tutoring to help their child catch up and join the more advanced students upon joining the school.

Each student is different and unique, and choosing the optimal time to join the UK education system, particularly as a boarder, is something that it is very advisable to seek further advice on. The staff at Academic Asia are well-equipped and experienced to provide the most impartial, insightful, and personalised advice to families in making this significant decision.

UK schools are well-known for offering an extraordinarily wide range of co-curricular activities. These activities are typically categorised into sports, creative pursuits (music, art, and drama), intellectual interests (history, politics, and religion), and social engagements (world cultures, trips, and visits).

It is strongly recommended that parents thoroughly explore each school's website as they will often discover unique and engaging activities that make the best use of the school's physical or natural resources.



The Visa Immigration Health Surcharge is applicable if you plan to stay in the UK for more than 6 months. The payable amount depends on the maximum duration of the granted visa, extending beyond just the length of the course. For further details, please reach out to our Visa department.

Priority service is offered by the visa centre, we provide visa service only.

The fee is HK$ 5,124 and the process will take around 15 working days. Visa application fees are subject to change in accordance with the home office’s policies. 

Students will not be required to attend an interview, unless in exceptional circumstances.