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Q&A with Myles: My UK Study Experience – From Hong Kong to Ardingly College

Myles, Ardingly College

Meet Myles K, a student studying Medical Science at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. Previously, he attended Ardingly College in the UK for boarding school when he was 15. Myles shares his story of studying abroad in the UK, highlighting his experiences and challenges. He was awarded a music scholarship by Ardingly, which further fueled his passion for music.

Q&A with Myles: My UK Study Experience – From Hong Kong to Ardingly College

Q: How does studying in the UK compare to Hong Kong?

A: One major difference is transportation; it's easier in the UK, particularly in a boarding school where everything is on campus. Boarding school life exposes you to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. School days are longer in the UK, starting from breakfast at 7:30 am and ending at 5:30 pm, with packed days for GCSEs. The teaching pace is comfortable, but the content is more in-depth.

Q: How would you describe your experience with Academic Asia?

A: Very efficient. When choosing my A Level subjects, I had a helpful discussion with Battie about my choices. Ultimately, I opted for Further Maths because of my interest in the subject.

Q: What was life like at boarding school in the UK?

A: I resided in Hilton House at Ardingly College, where I bonded with fellow students through activities like football. The longer daylight hours in the UK were a stark contrast to Hong Kong's shorter days.

Q: Please share about any sports you participated in at Ardingly College.

A: I engaged in fencing and music. Fencing was a memorable part of my school experience, playing matches with friends. Additionally, I devoted several hours each day to music practice.

Q: Do you have any amusing or memorable stories from your time at school?

A: One amusing memory is the friendly competition among the six students in our Further Maths class. Despite the challenges, we maintained competitiveness and achieved top grades. Also, performing in concerts and traveling to Wolverhampton for Internationals were memorable experiences.

Q: Lastly, how would you sum up your boarding school experience in a few words?

A: Enjoyable, memorable, and a sense of belonging. If given the chance, I would do it again!

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